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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sonoma Coast Workshop!

Tomorrow I head out to the coast to conduct another plein air painting workshop!  I never really got a chance announce this one on my website, as it filled up long before then. I'm sorry if you missed out - please hop on my mailing list to make sure you'll be among the first to hear about them! (Karen and Liz, I'm talking to YOU!) 


Our destination is Timber Cove, which is 14 (insanely curvey) miles north of Jenner. A dozen students and I will be painting atop cliffs overlooking the Pacific. The forecast promises absolutely glorious weather, (whew~) and I heard rumors that there is a lot of whale activity out there. We may even see them jumping.  That would be an exciting bonus indeed.

I've painted in the area before so I know some great spots to lead a group. I can't wait to get crackin'!!

If there's wi-fi at the hotel, I might be able to post updates. But chances are I'll be sipping wine and hanging out by the fire with some fun people, with crashing waves as background music. If it goes well, I hope to make this an annual event.

 Well I'd better get packin'!


  1. Beautiful colors.
    Have fun with the workshop! How long is it for?

  2. Thanks Susan - it's three days of plein air goodness. (and russian river wines!)

  3. Workshop sounds awesome - wish I was close enough to be able to join you. I really enjoy looking at your work and while I'm not a plein air artist your paintings make me want to have a go. Have a great time!

    Like these two pieces a lot, love the soft way they disappear into the distance. The flashes of sharp detail on the rocks in the first one are just spot on.

  4. Thanks Caroline~ may be one of these days I can do a workshop in England :-)