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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Some Sunny Sonoma Shots

OK so here are some sunny shots from the workshop. See? It wasn't all cold and gray. Here I am doing my demo at the edge of the cliff. Can't tell from this picture but it's a hundred foot drop to the water, straight down. I had to set up inches from a certain death to get the view I wanted. No, not really, but it made a good photo! Some of the ladies scolded me (they're motherly) for being a crazy fool.  I knew I was safe.


 My first demo, the block-in stage.

'splaining my set up.  Soltek, French Companion, Gamblin paints, Blick brushes, etc.


 At our base camp. Ronan and I are manning the grills, enjoying Cline old vine Zin. The deck is huge and covered, so if we had rain, we could still paint en plen air. Finding a good plan B spot like this is one of the biggest challenges of putting together a workshop. We were fortunate to have good weather so we never used it for class, but it gave me a peace of mind to have this option. We did get good use out of it for our little party!  Check out this view from the deck:

 The totem in the distance marks Timber Cove Inn, which is where many of us stayed. Looks far from here but it's only a mile away.

Look at the blue shadow in the water. Is that actually lighter than the lit part of the blue water? how about the dark, wet rock? hrmmm...


 Heather sketching, planning her attack.

The view to the South. Gawjus!


 OK these shots aren't sunny but I thought you might like to see a few process shots, starting with my thumbnails.

Drawing in the main shapes.


After blocking in with thin, transparent paint. Some areas are washes, others are drier. Basically, it's just breaking down the view into really simple value structure.


 On top of that, I started to put down opaque colors, trying to get them if not accurate, reasonably close so I wouldn't have to make huge changes later.

This is close to finish. The far landmass wasn't actually there. I put that in to demonstrate atmospheric perspective.  I took out many of the rocks and simplified my picture - if it weren't a demo, I probably wouldn't have edited so severely. But I couldn't take up everyone's painting time, so I kept it small, and simple.

Want to come join us next time we go there?  Your best bet at getting in is to be on my mailing list. If you wait for me to tell you about it on my website or this blog, it'll be already filled. 

Got some figger paintin's to show ya on the next post!


  1. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos and your work. The workshop sounds amazing! Lucky students!!

  2. Looks like you had a great time teaching, great location too! Thank you for sharing, it is so great to see your process work!

  3. Thanks Linda and Dalibor~ yes, it was a great workshop!