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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Miniature Season

 Many galleries put on a small works or miniature show around this time of the year. The idea is to make affordable paintings available for the gift giving season. For the collector or the would-be collector, this is an opportunity to snatch up some really nice paintings by their favorite artists. Some big name artists whose works are usually very expensive can be found at surprisingly reasonable prices because of the small formats! Sometimes, the small pieces you find at these shows are studies or sketches. I personally really enjoy looking at studies by artists I admire as much, if not more, than their large finished works because their working methods and thought processes are more readily visible in a study. They offer glimpses into the the artists' minds. Needless to say, such a glimpse can be extremely instructive.

 Not all "small works" are studies, of course. Some are quite more involved and fully resolved. I dare not say whether there are more "finished" works than sketches in these shows - some painters sketches are indistinguishable from their finished works, too. But I do like hunting for the more sketchy works if I go see a miniature show. 

For the participating artists, these shows are opportunities to reach a wider viewership and perhaps new collectors as well. The financial benefit from miniature shows is usually nothing to write home about. We are offering low priced items, with high cost to the artist (gallery commission, framing, shipping) and often you're just one of dozens of artists each showing several paintings. The gallery may do well, but the individual artist? Not so much.

Still, I like doing little paintings anyway, and I have collectors who look forward to adding a miniature painting or two to their collection every year, so I participate in several of these shows usually.

The three paintings posted here are all 6 x 6, and will be shown at Randy Higbee Gallery in Orange County, Ca.  I don't know who all's participating, but I do know many of my friends are. There will be some real gems in this show. If you're in the area, don't miss it!

6 x 6 Show
Randy Higbee Gallery
102 Kalmus, Costa Mesa, CA

Opening Reception: Saturday, December 4th, 5pm - ?

The exhibition will run through December 23rd, but the really good stuff will be snatched up on the opening night.


  1. Great 6x6s Terry. Like reading your thoughts on the miniature shows. I'll be sending some to Randy. Would really like to be there and see all of the work.

  2. thanks Frank and Frank!

    ya I wish I could attend the opening at Randy's and pick up a few little ones myself. That caballero painting is pretty dang sweet~

  3. Thanks for the heads up about the show--that is just around the corner from me!

  4. You're welcome Vicki~ Don't miss it!

  5. Thanks Joe! just browsed through your blog. Love your work :-) Especially the short pose figure sketches. Schweet!