Terry Miura • Studio Notes

Friday, November 5, 2010


Here's one from last week. It's about 12 x 16 ish. Pushing abstraction more and more lately, and I like the direction in which my figurative works are going. I like the fact that it's going in a certain direction at all. And it's picking up momentum, too.  I'd better get serious and do more of these! Once a week is not nearly enough to keep this train moving forward. I have to do more, more and some more~

Too bad there aren't more hours in a day!


  1. Yes, senoir!!!...more hours in the diaz! Great painting with you and the Lost Edges today! Have fun abstracting.

  2. Keep 'em comming Terry! Looks great!

  3. David, great fun indeed. 'hope you keep coming back!

  4. Thanks bill! I have a few more to share soon~