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Friday, January 14, 2011

Beer Stop

Beer Stop #2, 12 x 16 inches, oil on linen
This painting is available from Anne Irwin Fine Art in Atlanta.

I keep forgetting to take photos of my new studio. It's slowly taking shape though. So far, I disassembled my vertical rack in my garage studio and reassembled it in the new studio, built a 36 x 80 work table, and took two trips to IKEA to buy enough cabinets/shelving to serve as a partition between my studio and the public area of the building. Assembling those shelves have been tedious and I just can't do it all at once – I go nuts after a while. 

But it's looking good so far. Hopefully I'll finish the bookshelves this weekend and start to fill it up with my art books. A nice little library in the corner of my studio. I still need to build a few other things but I'm losing momentum. I want to go there to PAINT, damnit, not to build shelves.

Today's post is a painting I did a few months ago. I did a very similar painting on location in Walnut Grove, Ca last summer. I wanted to do a larger version so that I can suggest a few more small details, like lettering and the cars in the distance. At 12 x 16, it's still not that big, but if I went any larger, I think I'd lose the fresh sketchy quality. 

OK, so note to self: post photos of the new studio next.


  1. This is gorgeous, Terry. I suspect your studio is too.

  2. Beautiful painting! I am so eager to see photos of the new studio.

  3. Beer Stop #2 is a wonderful painting, Terry. I could walk around in it.

    Your table reminds me of one I made from a resourced Melamine top, which is about 30" x 78" x 36" high. One of my favorite things in my studio.

  4. Thank you so much. any painting with "beer" in the title is dear to my heart :-)