Terry Miura • Studio Notes

Monday, February 14, 2011

Couch and Library

Just a couple of shots of the little loungy area in my studio. When I get frustrated painting, I can just sit on my very comfy sofa and look at art books for inspiration and instruction. I've never had a dedicated space to lounge around and peruse art books inside my studio. I'm finding that this is a really wonderful thing. To be able to walk away from the easel and drown myself in inspiring art books without any distractions en route (I don't have to walk through or look at "non-art zone" to get there) is more valuable than I'd imagined.

Sort of a fuzzy shot of the books. Some of the more loved books are tattered and has notes scribbled on the margins, not to mention paint smudges all over them. I think I'll share some of my favorites on another post. 

After my figure class, this is where the pow wow sessions happens. We sip wine and talk art. I really enjoy that part of my class too. I mean, for most artists, our occupation is such a solitary one that it isn't unusual to hear things like "the UPS guy is my only connection to the outside world!".  It's not so funny when the joke hits too close to home, you know?   Teaching and having a studio vastly improved my level of contact with the outside world. Almost normal, I might say. And it's mostly real live humans, too. (some are questionable) Not them virtual "friends". LOL   Is it ironic to say that in a blog post? 


  1. To me, just the thought of being a professional artist is amazing. You are blessed Terry (and so talented)!

  2. Cheers Terry, I know what you mean ,Painting is a solitary craft, and teaching brings some people into the scene. I like your new space,I am sure you are going to do great work in that space.

  3. Great studio shots. Inspite of all the "loneliness" and lack of contact with the outside world, you may be sure that many many people want to be like TERRY MIURA!!! :-)

  4. Love the area. We need those! I have an area similar in my studio area, only I have a TV there too. The cat and I enjoy taking lunch in front of the tv. I don't have cable or an antenna, so we watch about a half hour of our favorite movies. When I come back to work, I'm like a new person. I also have been known to nap there! (Mine's a leather sofa,just my size!!)

  5. Thanks you guys~ come visit me and hang out on the red sofa!