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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One More Session

Changing Moods, 16 x 20 inches, oil on linen 
This painting is available. For inquiry please contact Sekula's

Tomorrow is the last session of the six-part in-studio class on landscape painting concepts. We meet once a week for six weeks and during each session, I do a short slide lecture and a demo on a specific topic. So far we have covered 1)general process,  2)trees, 3) the sky, 4)creating depth, and 5)atmosphere. Tomorrow's class will be on orchestration, or "pulling the pieces together to make the viewers see it your way". Essentially, it'll be a lesson on creating and manipulating a hierarchy of importance. How do you make one element more visually important than another? In what ways can you subordinate less important elements? That sort of thing. I want to place special emphasis on brushwork and edges because it really forces us to pay attention to the intent of our mark-making. No licking, and no half-ass brush wielding. Put it down like you mean it!

We can't possibly learn to paint the landscape in just six weeks. Of course not. It takes years and years of practice. But I'm hoping that the information that I'm passing on, and it really is a lot of information, will help students make sense out of the confusion that is always a part of the learning process. By simplifying the problem, we can simplify the solution. More logic, less guesswork. More understanding, less confusion.

And because six weeks is not enough, I'm doing a part 2 of this class starting next month. Another six sessions covering different topics and a few of the same topics but more in depth. I think one of them will be a seascape. May be fog will be another topic. How about a foggy seascape? I definitely want to do boulders - they're great for teaching light and shadow's relationship to form. I have other ideas too, but I dare not mention it (cows) for I know some of you reading this are enrolled in the class and will give me a hard time. (you know who you are)

This class (Landscape Concepts part 2) is already filled up, but I will probably do a repeat later on in the year. If you are interested, Landscape Concepts part 1 is a pre requisite so you'll need to take that class first, and you'll be notified when a  repeat of  part 2 is scheduled. 

For more information, please contact the School of Light and Color.

OK back to work~


  1. Love this piece, Terry. Such a big sky feeling. Do you ever look at the sky and think it looks really big today? I know it depends on where we are when we think that - usually an open field like this one. Still, wishing I could take your classes.

  2. That painting looks great Terry! I always loved how you not only end up with great compositions but also how your color harmony is so, well harmonious :)

    I live in Canada, but would love to be able to take your classes. Did you ever consider having some sort of the course online? I would be first one to sign up :)


  3. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing!


  4. Great painting! Glad that your classes are doing so well also!