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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What? January Is Over Already?

I can't believe a month has gone by already since I moved into my new studio. What have I accomplished? Hmmm. Not as much as I wanted, that's for sure. The studio is still not quite where I want it to be, but I'm making progress. Why does it take so long? It's because I really only have four to five hours a day in there because of my other job, (parenting!) and I need to spend those hours not only painting, but prepping paintings, canvases, framing, packing, shipping, accounting, marketing, meeting, photographing, filing, cleaning, blogging, teaching, prepping teaching materials, practicing and planning my demos, and so on and on and on...  Who knew being a professional artist meant very little painting!?

Oh yeah, and I can only make a lot of noise (power tools, hammering) on the weekends because there are other tenants in the building who needs reasonably civilized levels of quiet.

But that's OK. I'm making the most of it. I even got a painting done. And several more in the works. I have to really manage my painting time, now that I'm starting to commit to upcoming show deadlines.

One of the things I really need to work on this year, is to not over-commit. I like to participate in group shows where I get to hang with more accomplished painters but over-committing to those shows inevitably means I'm spread too thin, and that means the work I show may not be my absolute best. Showing less than my best work along side those of really great painters is obviously a bad move. At best, nobody will notice my work. Worse, I would look really bad. I don't want that!

Anyway I'm just rambling. I do have some exciting shows up ahead, and I want to do really good work for them. My new studio will be pivotal in that effort, so that's why I'm bitching about how slowly my studio is shaping up. Just being impatient, I guess. Could be worse!


  1. I'm just whining, is all :-) I'll switch on my positive attitude right after I have my coffee!

  2. Bottems up Terry! I don't know what you're expecting from yourself~ From here your art is awsome! You should have a cookie with your coffee!:)

  3. A cookie woulda been good! thanks bill, may be I have unreasonable expectations. more likely, I just want to be done with carpentry so I can paint more, but my carpentry skills frustrate me.

  4. I can't imagine being able to be a full-time artist. Heck. I can't even imagine selling artwork! LOL I think this painting is just beautiful, Terry. It reminds me of some spots in Barcelona that I saw while on a trip to Spain a few years back.

  5. It could be Barcelona~

    I painted it from memory, so it's a mishmash of places I've been. Mostly memories of Florence and Venice, but it's not about a specific place,so it's wherever you want it to be!