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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Painting in Amador

Last weekend, I led fourteen students up the hill to the beautiful Amador Wine Country to do a plein air workshop. Here we are at Deaver's Winery during my demo.

We lucked out with absolutely perfect weather! Even though I was standing in the sun, it didn't bother me a bit. 

Start of my demo.


Halfway through. 

Finished demo. 

We painted all day Saturday and Sunday, and everyone made great progress, I think. Perfect weather, beautiful location, great bunch of people, some good eats and of course nice wine at the end of the day made for a very enjoyable weekend.

If you missed out on this workshop, I hope you can join us next time!!


  1. Good photos, thanks- wish I was there; what support did you use? It looks roughly textured.

  2. Judy, the support is Claessen's No.66 mounted on board. The texture looks more pronounced than it actually is because the photo was taken in direct sunlight. It's actually a "medium" texture.

  3. Sounds like a great time was had by all! I love your blog and work, and can only be mesmerised how you get from step 'a' to step 'b' in your demo (LOL)....

  4. Loving your blog Terry and thanks for all the great info.

  5. Hi there - I left the following comment on your Sonoma Plein Air blog 2 weeks after the event...anyway, here goes again.... "Thanks for sharing advice and insights. As I am getting back into painting, your blog has been fun to read and an inspiration.

    Where can I see your work in LA or Orange County? I know that you had a 'small work ' at Randy Higbees - but I missed that."

  6. Thanks you guys~

    gopher, I'm currently not represented in Southern Cal, but Randy Higbee has a few pieces still at his gallery, as I have yet to arrange to have them sent back. In addition to the 6 x 6 show paintings, I sent him a couple of plein air paintings I did on a pack trip last summer.

  7. So, how does one get represented at a gallery? My friend Laura Segil owns Segil Fine Arts in Monrovia, CA. I think she'd love your work. Of course, now that I've moved to Orange Co, it's an easier drive to see your work here. Will check our your painting at Higbee in a couple of weeks. All best!

  8. gopher, "how does one get into a gallery" is a question big enough for a book! (and there are books out there devoted solely on this subject) But it's just like looking for a job. You look for a good match, show them what you got, if both sides' requirements are met, something may come of it.

    Segil is a wonderful gallery - I'm currently not looking to add to my roster though, because I have trouble producing enough paintings for my existing galleries as it is. If I can't produce, having a gallery doesn't do much good, ya know?

    What I need to do, is to be more productive!