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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back in the Studio

Summer Passing, 15 x 30 inches, oil on linen

Well! I guess my summer is over. The kids are in school, and I have no more expeditions on the calendar. It's back to the grind, folks. Back to work.  (I consider my trip to the mountains work, but some may disagree.)

For the next month or so, I will be focusing (hopefully) on finishing up the suite of cityscape paintings for my solo show coming up. I will post more on that very soon, but first, I had to finish a few larger landscape paintings for Anne Irwin Gallery's group show that's opening next weekend.

The image above is that of a painting I just finished and sent out yesterday.  I also have sent them a few city themed paintings, one of which is a variation of my earlier motif;

I was going to include this in my cityscape show, but as the series evolved and became more abstract and urban-themed, I began to think may be this didn't fit in so well. I still love this painting, but I have in mind to create a show that's more cohesive than my previous efforts, I decided to send this one off to Atlanta, where it'll be with my other paintings with which this guys feels more comfortable.

"Best in Show" Anne Irwin Fine Art Anniversary Show
Opening Reception September 16, 6:30pm -8:30pm

If you're in the Atlanta area, be sure to check it out!


  1. Great paintings. I can't wait to see your cityscapes.

  2. Inspired reading your 6 day pack trip notes and seeing your paintingss. But not sure if inspired to paint or just sop up the experience vicariously. Thank you!

  3. Great news all around! I love your sky and the old building is just wonderfully passionate and inspiring! Beautiful.