Terry Miura • Studio Notes

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Music While You Paint

Some artists, when painting on location,  listen to music through their earbuds or headphones using an iPod or similar devices. Me, I usually bring my ten-piece harp ensemble with me when I paint en plein air. Something about the angelic  background music triggers Divine inspiration.

....which doesn't necessarily translate to a better painting unfortunately, but I find it soothing nonetheless. Except when you're painting here in the Fair Oaks Village, periodic interruption by roosters crowing at the top of their lungs sort of ruins the effect.


  1. Dude! You must make tons of cash from your painting skills to hire all those harpists. ;

    If you ever get out to Kentucky lets paint and I'll get some Bluegrass pickers to provide the background music.

  2. Terry, I love it ! ...the only thing better would be angels playing them while hovering....

  3. Apparently you've died and gone to plein air heaven -- too bad you cropped in so close, I would've liked to have seen the cherubs above your easel...or wait a minute -- maybe it's all a dream (isn't that what harp music implies in the movies?) Anyway, I'll stick with my garage sale 8-track specials until I can afford live entertainment like you...unless you really are dead -- now you got me worried Terry, I hope you're still with us!!(?)