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Thursday, September 1, 2011

We Interrupt This Program To Bring You...

We interrupt this program to bring you news of a plein air painting workshop happening next weekend! (Friday, September 9 - 11) 

I still have spots open for this workshop, which will take place locally here in Fair Oaks. We'll be painting in and around the quaint Fair Oaks Village, plus an additional location for a more landscape-y subject matter.  There'll be demos and plenty of one-on-one at the easels.

Many students have expressed interest in painting city scenes - Fair Oaks Village is not exactly urban, but it has some neat old storefronts and street charm, as well as a nice park with big trees so there is good variety to paint, both man-made structures and more organic, natural motifs.

One nice thing about doing a workshop locally is that should the weather get too hot (a distinct possibility in this part of the world) we just go indoors into the SLC's classroom and work from studies and photos. And my studio is right there next door too, you can check out in person all that you've seen on this blog recently and I'll be glad to talk about studio processes (working from photos, the role of the computer, scaling up a study, making panels and stretching canvases, etc. etc.) should any student be interested.

And yes, the elusive book En Plein Air, 80 pp of full color, fully illutrated painting secrets (OK, there are no secrets. Just stuff I learned from experience) is included in the workshop!

This book is only available as a part of my workshop. To many of you who has written me inquiring about purchasing the book, I'm sorry - I only print enough for each workshop so there are no extras and I don't have plans to make it available for purchase at this point. May be at some point in the future, but no immediate plans.

The workshop will start on Friday afternoon, to give students time to get here. We'll do a 3 hr demo first thing, and should you want to stick around and paint, there's plenty of light left yet. Alternatively, we can go back to my studio (just a block away) and examine some wine paintings. Either way, we'll have a good time.

On Saturday, we'll paint all day outside, unless it gets too hot in the afternoon - then we can work indoors. At the end of the day we'll do a crit, and have some more wine art discussions.

On Sunday, we'll drive out to a different location - 10 minutes away - for a change of scenery. I'm thinking...water and reflections...  

Anyway, that's the plan. If you want to join me for this workshop, please contact the School of Light and Color.

Plein Air Painting Workshop with Terry Miura
September 9, 10, 11  (Friday afternoon, all day Saturday and Sunday)

The School of Light and Color 
10030 Fair Oaks Blvd Fair Oaks, Ca 95628  

(916) 966-7517


  1. Terry - Your work is fantastic! It has an honesty that is beautiful.

    I am interested in your book En Plein Air but I see that it is only available in conjunction with your workshop. If you ever decide to sell it independently, please let us on your mailing list know. Thanks!

  2. Will do Brennen~ thanks for your interest!