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Monday, November 7, 2011

Urban Aria Opening Was A Blast!

The opening for my show was this past Saturday, and it was a lot of fun! Very well attended despite the gloomy weather. Thank you so much to those of you who made it to the opening - your presence there made the show!!

above: Me about to knock out the paparazzo. In the back is my good friend and artist Cindy Lemmon.

Fellow artists Sergio Lopez, Philippe Gandiol and Jimmie G. Jimmie, are you reading this? Let me know your website/blog address.

Richard Lindenberg discusses something with Michael Reardon (Might be something about art. or the bear market. I dunno)

Sergio and Philippe contemplate (somethin). James and Nancy in the back.

 Me and James. We're kinda tonal.

My buddy from the sixth grade, Brad, flew up for the opening. He snatches the title piece from the show, too. Thanks Brad!!

Casual snapshot captures Michael Reardon, Sergio Lopez and Paul Kratter. Paul and I wore the same shoes. I thought you'd want to know.

This is my littlest fan, artist Skye Miura.

Erik Tiemmens and I went to art school together back in the late eighties. Always inspiring.

Ernesto Nemesio and Erik talk shop.

Christin Coy and Richard Lindenberg; always fun to hang out with.

Bill Cone, Paul Kratter and Philippe Gandiol. I didn't get to thank you for the beer afterwards Bill - so thanks!

Here's Sergio again. He's been tearing up the plein air circuit lately. 

The show will be up through December so if you couldn't make the opening, there's plenty of time to see the paintings. If you get around to SF, please stop by the gallery and check 'em out.

Thanks again for all your support!

Now, on to the next project!


  1. Congratulations Terry! Looks like a
    great show!

  2. Congrats! Sorry I won't get to see it in person, but your photos make the night look like lots of fun.

  3. thanks bill! thanks sarah! indeed it was a lot of fun. gotta do these more often....

  4. Cograts Terry! The show looks very cool from the pictures! I wish I was there to see it. Cheers!

  5. Again, I was so sorry to miss the opening, but I really enjoyed reading your interview! Especially the part about painting movement instead of the people, cars, and your evolution here towards abstraction. So well spoken and articulate! This really is a great blog- Thanks Terry!

  6. Thanks Dado! Thanks Michele! This series has been a journey - a bumpy ride, but a satisfying one :-D