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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

And in Atlanta...

I'm in another small works show – this one is at Anne Irwin Gallery in Atlanta. I have three pieces in this one, all 9 x 12 inches.

The paintings are a continuation of the direction that I started with Urban Aria. I'm pushing abstraction still further, by consciously using brushstrokes which do not necessarily conform to the form that it's describing. My brain is so conditioned to painting representationally that I automatically use strokes to help describe form. I'm trying to break that habit, and that means thinking about what I'm doing every time my brush touches the canvas and asking myself, now is this predictable?

That's not to say describing form is bad. Rather, I'm exploring what contributes to something looking like what it is. There's the local color, shape, form, value modulation, drawing, context... It's not necessary to use all these tools all the time, but if some are ignored, the thing suddenly doesn't look like what it should. What are the rules that govern which tools need to be used in what situation? What logic dictates which tools can be ignored, and when?

Is there really logic to this?  Sometimes I think there is (not that I know what it is). Other times, I'm totally lost.  So I continue to investigate.

You've seen this painting in an earlier post. All these are float mounted in 1/4 inch blond hardwood box, and are available from Anne Irwin Fine Art. If you're interested in adding any of these to your collection, please contact the gallery.


  1. Wow! These are all stunning pieces. Reading your blog is always very enlightening. At my level I am struggling to get the basic tools work for me. Some day, though, I hope I will be able to think like you and make my work more interesting.
    Best wishes,

  2. Thanks Vinayak! It looks like you are doing just great yourself!