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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cityscape Challenge - The Next Batch!

Here's the next batch of cityscapes from our brave participants! Very cool to see how each artist approached it differently~ Nice work everyone! 

By the way, I'll if you've posted on your blog and gave me the link, I'm assuming it's OK for me to link to it and credit your work with the full name. Otherwise, I'm just using first plus last initial. If you'd like to see your name differently, please just let me know~

If you've sent me an image or a link before now (5pm PST, on Wednesday, 2/22) but I haven't posted it on this blog, I somehow didn't get it. Please try again. 

Thanks! Keep 'em comin'!!

I had such fun with it and learned so much.  I did two, the first being the 8x10 cityscape and the second is 7x5.  I tried to be very conscious of values and as you said to simplify.  I squinted as I worked which was a big help.  Both paintings have a similar palette, but with second one I used a different blue, cobalt blue.  The first I used cerelean because of the green it has.  I also added more violet to the second painting.  The second one is, of course, cropped differently using a smaller size and instead of a landscape format I used a portrait format.  It does simplify the subject and I like it.  Keeping your tip in mind about using one main color was also in my head as I worked.  Another simplification and adds harmony to the painting.

Linda Popple

I enjoyed this challenge, because the genre is not my usual, so it moved me out of my comfort zone. 
Using the palette knife more than the brush was good for this as well…keeping it simple was the biggest challenge with a limited palette, complements of pthalo green and rose plus white, small, very small amounts of lemon yellow and small dollops of cad red for the lights on the cars and street. I premixed all the values needed ahead of time, laying out a value strand of three main hues. I loved every moment of creating. I look forward to more challenges in the future.

Cathyann Burgess

I learned so much from doing this since the subject matter was something I had not attempted before and it was so much fun to do. I was rushing a little so I could photograph it for my daily painting blog before it got too dark. 

Fay Terry

With some basic guidelines, the one that made me laugh was your instruction "to simplify. Not to try and render every damn detail."
In order to do that, I put my computer across the room so I couldn't see every damn detail. I still feel like I got a lot of information in here, maybe too much per the instructions, but I really enjoyed the challenge.
It will be fun to see all the different takes. Thanks!

Dana Cooper


  1. Terry, I posted two paintings from your challenge photo on my blog today. Loads of fun! Thanks so much. I've posted the information about the challenge in a lot of places. I hope many others take part, too. I love seeing these paintings you've already posted. Inspirational!


  2. Got 'em. Thanks Deborah I will include yours in the next post!

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