Terry Miura • Studio Notes

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Melting Light

Opposing Instincts, 16 x 12 inches, oil on linen

This one was done a few months ago - I just realized I hadn't posted it here.  I really like how her legs just disappear. 

The paint handling is still a little restrained compared to the newer pieces, and my colors are more descriptive in that I'm still thinking about the color of the light source, that of skin, complementary shifts as we move into shadow, increase in saturation just before the core - all based on rules of representational painting.  I haven't given these up entirely, but I'm not as hung up about them as when I did this painting. They work pretty effectively here, I think, so I'm not going to change anything on this painting.

Most of these figure paintings are 16 x 12, but I'm about ready to try larger. I have started a 24 x 20 version of an earlier piece. That one was one of my very favorite of the series and of course that would be the one to sell first. I missed having it around but I didn't want to just do another of the same painting - where's the fun in that? So I decided this was a chance to do something larger. So far I'm just slinging paint at the canvas but boy, am I having a good time! Eventually, I'd like to get to 30 x 40 or thereabouts with these figures. I don't want to rush into it, though. I have plenty of ideas to try out before I commit to a large canvas.


  1. i really like the vibrations in your painting Terry. it's alive. beautiful work ! Best regards from France