Terry Miura • Studio Notes

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We Take A Little Break From Our Cityscape Challenge...

Morning Whispers, 16 x 12 inches, oil on linen

We take a little break from our Cityscape Challenge and bring you this! It's another one of my favs from my series of semi abstracted nudes.

As you may have noticed, I don't specializing in one genre. I find I need varied stimuli and change of gears to keep my creative juices flowing. I am also finding that jumping from genre to genre helps me to apply what I learned in one series to another in unexpected and unpredictable ways. 

I have learned much about simplification, abstraction, and paint manipulation from doing my Urban Aria series, and I'm applying all that I learned to my figure painting. Had I not done a focused study of cityscapes earlier, my figures would never have looked like this now. 

And because these figures don't have the same set of requirements as painting buildings and cars in perspective, I can push abstraction even further. And in turn, I'm able to do that back in my cityscapes beyond what I was able to do in Urban Aria. It's a constant learning process, different genres feeding each other new discoveries and applications of new ideas. 

Sometimes I just go way off the deep end and a painting on which I spent fifty hours just crashes and burns, and that hurts, but I know I learned a lot from it, even if I didn't end up with a good painting. The next one will show my progress.

I'm applying abstraction more in landscape painting too, but in a little different way. The more "traditional" alla prima way of painting the landscape is so ingrained in my brain and brush hand, that it's not easy to shake it off. I'm going back to studying some really tonalist works of Corot, Inness, and others. I'll share that stuff in a future post soon~

In the meantime, paint on!