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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cityscape Challenge - Thursday's Batch

Here's the latest. if you have been wanting to do it but still hadn't got around to it, you still have time! Are you waiting till the last minute so as to set yourself up for failure and cushion your fall with the excuse, "I just ran out of time..." ? Uh huh. Been there. Done that. Too many times.

Haha~ I don't mean to guilt trip you into doing this. I'm just self-therapying, as procrastination is all to familiar to me. 

Well, I'd better get off MY butt and finish my painting then, huh?

I have been a huge fan of your work for a long time and what better way could there be to learn than to put your tips and advice to work on a project of yours.  The painting is a 14 x 11 in watercolour, made on handmade paper. I think I could have done a better job of using aerial perspective by making the cars paler as they went farther away. Besides this, the one car closest to the divider seems to be a little smaller than it should be ;)Anyways I enjoyed the painting process and your tips are extremely valuable. 
Vinayak Deshmukh  http://deshmukh-art.blogspot.in/

Well, here is my contribution in oil paint. I painted it on a red gessoed ground. I really enjoyed this challenge and I plan to do many more. I just never thought of a city as an interesting "landscape" even tho I am from Chicago. I especially liked the cars being included. I always thought of the cars as an annoyance to try and figure out how to not include because they weren't pretty. Taken as a whole the cars become like giant beads floating into the vortex. I especially liked the shadows that they cast. This is my first stab at this and I plan to get myself downtown with camera and brushes. Plein aire is my new favorite was to go...your paintings are an inspiration.
Carlye Crisler                facebook.com/carlyecrislerart 

This is a small pastel on strathmore 400. I did a few thumbnails and then this quick pastel intending it as a warm-up. I liked it's liveliness and sent it along.  I have just begun to explore cityscapes and enjoyed the challenge, thanks.
Rich Panico

12 x 22 cm, oil on canvas panel
Here's my tiny contribution to the cityscape challenge. It was nice to tackle a landscape for a change. Winter is too cold for plein aire so I'm normally occupied with other sorts of paintings at this time of year. Here I tried to follow the basic rules you posted: the cool colour scheme is chose stays pretty harmonius throughout, but the two-values-per-object-rule got broken at some points. My idea for this was to use the bright reflections off of the cars along the middle as my main focus. 
-Juha, Finland

At the moment I have become very interested in the light effects created by and within cities (day and night). So it has been a very timely and valuable exercise in making me keep working on simplification. The "rules' that I discovered are summarised below.
1. Use a photo (or a scene) rather than copy it.
2. Underpaint a base colour to complement the planned main color.
3. Crop and draw first to solve design problems before committing to paint.
4. Leave quiet places for the viewer.
5. Vary edges. 
I did a step by step on my blog here  http://fredjmarsh.blogspot.com.au/2012/03/simplify-painting-cityscape.html I love the variety of interpretations & methods that people are posting. Are you abe to advise where the reference photograph was shot.  
Fred Marsh

Fred, the reference was shot in San Francisco. I don't know exactly where, as I was just driving around aimlessly with my camera on the dashboard.

What I liked in the picture was the perspective and the tower in the background. I didn't like the cars and they gave me trouble until the end, I try to forget these shapes were cars, but still I didn't like these shapes! .... I try to follow the instructions you gave and it helped me a lot to organize my work Thank you so much, your advice  are so helpful, I follow your blog attentively and it's always a pleasure to read and look.  My painting was done in acrylic on paper. There are a few pictures on   http://sketchbookfolio.blogspot.com/  

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  1. Hi Terry, I have just posted my effort on my blog, at www.sharonwrightartist.blogspot.com
    It is a brilliant challenge, so many responses. I'll bet you are well chuffed!