Terry Miura • Studio Notes

Friday, March 23, 2012


I haven't painted outside very much in months. I must be a studio painter! Painting en plein air is a lot of fun and I like doing it (and I firmly believe it's a necessary discipline in order to become a competent landscape painter) but I'm not one of those hardcore plein air guys (and gals) who go out no matter what the weather is like. My hat's off to you guys. Except I don't wear a hat since I'm indoors.

Funny thing, even if I'm painting in my studio, from memory, my paintings reflect the weather and mood of the season. These tonal paintings happen in the winter, and in the summer time my paintings generally are more sunny and colorful (comparatively speaking, that is).

I can only do foggy delta wetland paintings in the winter, and the dry, golden hills in the summer time. No, that's not strictly true, but it is a lot harder to paint "out of season" as it were.

Which makes sense, since moods in the paintings are dependent on color, which is greatly influenced by my visual memory, which is constantly getting fed by what I see around me. Perhaps it's just such an obvious connection that it's not worth pondering.

In the meantime, I'll just shrug and paint more moody landscapes.


  1. 'Moody' - but this painting has put me in a good mood. Beautiful!

  2. Funny that you mention it. I see Karin Jurick paint beach-scenes. I can't in winter. I'm waiting to paint with bright colors. Soon it will come.