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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm Baaaack! With a New Website!

Hey! It's been a while!

First of all, thanks to everyone who took the time to let me know that my website was bonkers. I finally got off my butt and spent the last few weeks rebuilding it from scratch, and now I'm back in business!

See, it's like this. My old site was designed with Apple's iWeb software and hosted by Mac.com. It wasn't great, but it did the job and it was fairly easy to design and maintain. As it turns out, Apple is shutting down its hosting service as of June 30th, and seeing that iWeb has already been discontinued, I thought it was good time to redesign the website and move it to a new server.

But I'm an oil painter. Not a web designer nor an IT guy. So basically I made a big mess of things and it took a while to come up with functional solutions to the various pieces of the puzzle.

In the olden days, (I'm talking mid-nineties), when my brain was still not filled up with painting mumbo jumbo, I was able to learn html and build my website using a text editor. Things have changed since then and I can no longer learn new software without hurting my head. So long story short, it was a painful experience to rebuild my site!

But it looks like it's working OK now. I still have tweaking to do and I have to clean up the content, but for now, I'm pretty pleased with the result.

For those of you who're interested, I used Wordpress to build my site. After hours of research, I opted for the web-based template solution rather than a desktop-to-server solution, mainly because I needed to be able to edit it from multiple computers. And templates are pretty nifty things, if limited in flexibility.

I did end up going under the hood to make it do what I wanted to do, and I gotta say, php and css is a young man's game, man. This dog is a little too old for that. Next time I'll pay someone to do it.

Anyway, please check it out. If you notice any broken links or wonky errors, please let me know. I haven't finished entering all the information on individual images, but everything else *should* be working.

Now I can get back to painting. If I remember how!


  1. Terry,
    Time well spent and in the short time I spent there, it appears a very clean and attractive presentation. I would prefer that the shape in the bottom right accompanying the titles on the headers did not show. You have a link on Studio Notes to your web site but none on your web site to your blog.

    Your blog appears to be on Blogger and your website is built on Wordpress. The blog has a similar look to your website. How is that accomplished? I don't know a thing about building a Website or a blog.

  2. I am very impressed with your website. You did a great job. The only thing I would suggest is to put a link to your blog. It is very easy to navigate, which I like. Some websites have so much stuff that it is a turn off. Well done!!

  3. Dude! You took the words right out of my mouth! I so need to re do my Web site. All your comments apply to me. I can't even call my site a site anymore, its so not goos for anything. Anyway You've given me hope and inspiration! Peace out Bro!

  4. Very good info Terry. Hope to see you at an event soon.

  5. Great website, looks beautiful and shows your work just as it should. Love it.
    One little thing though: the two links on the page http://terrymiura.com/blog2/?page_id=249 are not working...

  6. Thanks for all the comments~

    You're right, there's no link to the blog from the Header image. I wasn't quite sure how people navigate intuitively, and didn't give the links off the header the needed consideration. I'll have to fix that.

    The dark shape around the text in the header is a part of the template and I don't know how to fix that without losing the text too, unless I embed it in the images themselves... but then it wouldn't be quite as sharp... I'll get someone to help me go into the code.

    It's a work in progress, and I appreciate your feedback!