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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Paint the Town!

Come paint the town with me in Winters, CA! 
A plein air painting workshop,  October 12, 13, 14,  $325

I am conducting another Paint the Town plein air painting workshop in October!

This workshop is for you if;

-You've always wanted to try painting cityscapes and street scenes but have always been intimidated by the sheer complexity of the task.

"It just seems so difficult!"
-You paint plenty of street scenes, but you're frustrated because your work falls short of your expectations. 

"I do great landscapes. Why do my cityscapes not look as good!?"  

-You can paint cars and buildings, but somehow your paintings always look like a collection of literal descriptions, lacking vitality and poetry.

"How can I create mood? How can I paint more expressively?"


Sound familiar? Street scenes can be very challenging because of the sheer amount of visual information that you have to process. It's sometimes so overwhelming that many throw in the towel before they even begin!
No matter what level you are, the key to painting compelling cityscapes and street scenes is simplification!  If you learn to edit, manage, and organize the visual clutter, the task at hand becomes a series of logical choices.
This workshop will show you how to do that with demos and plenty of individual instruction. 
Painting is never easy, but by learning how to simplify, you are one step closer to getting to the next level, whether that means making cars look like cars, or creating poetry out of ordinary visual jumble. 

Winters is a wonderful little town that time forgot. It's located about 30 miles west of Sacramento, and is full of old-time small town charm. There's a lot of great subject matter to explore and paint for artists of any level. 

Intrigued? We still have spots open for this workshop (but don't wait too long, I'm only taking twelve students). You can contact the School of Light and Color to sign up and get more information!


Paint the (small) Towna plein air painting workshop
October 12, 13, 14
The School of Light and Color
phone: (916)966-7517

See you in Winters!


  1. Lovely town. I'm sure it will be a lot of fun. Wish I could join you.

  2. Terry,
    I am new to your wonderful blog and will be dropping by again to check out your beautiful art work. I especially enjoy your cityscapes.