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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sketching With The Guys

Me, Paul Kratter, Tim Horn, and Kevin Courter

I just returned from  a fun little sketching trip with a few talented friends of mine - Paul Kratter, Tim Horn, and Kevin Courter. We were up in the Colusa area, which is a small farming community surrounded by vast rice fields and orchards. It's also close to some fantastic nature preserves where migrating birds find sanctuary.

This is my first and best sketch. Truth be told, I hadn't been out painting en plein air since Sonoma Plein Air Festival –early October!? So I was a little unsure what would come out of my brush. Not nervous or anything since I didn't feel the need to perform but it was pretty clear that the only reason I hadn't been out for so long was that I lacked the discipline. 

That's no excuse if one claims to be a serious landscape painter so while I was excited to be painting outside again (and with such great painters, too) I also felt a little guilt.

Luckily, my first sketch came out pretty good so I relaxed a bit after that.

This is my second sketch. Not quite there, but considering the difficult subject matter (moving horses) I think I did OK.

We were out there for two days and I did three more paintings, but none of those were good, so I'm going to let them dry and do a little experimenting when I have some time.  

The other guys did some nice work and it was inspiring to see them in action. One of the great joys of being an artist is the connections I've made with painters like these guys who speak my language–my tribe, if you will. I always come away with new ideas when I paint with them, and it doesn't hurt that they're fun to hang out with even when we're not painting.


  1. Great photo!
    Also, great paintings. I am liking your use of a limited palette.

  2. Bunch of nice looking men at that table ... There's nothing quite like doing something you love some much and doing it with good friends , I love the paintings your so very amazing !

  3. I love going out with some painters, but I can only imagine what hanging with this caliber of artist is like. You sure you can't fit another chair at that table?

  4. Thanks Sandra~ Yes there are times when painting alone is the only way to get it done, and then there are times where painting with your tribesmen enhances the experience and the resulting painting~

  5. Randy, they are fun guys to hang around with , to be sure~ why don't you try some of the west coast plein air events? I'll buy ya a beer~

  6. Love the old look in this art work.