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Monday, September 25, 2017

Color Games, Part II

So in the previous post I showed a few examples of painting the figure using different sets of primary colors out of the tube. If that's too easy or too conventional for you, here's another tweak on the color game; use only two colors plus white.

In these examples, I tried complimentary colors; Red / Green / White for the first one, and Blue Violet / Yellow Orange / White for the second example. You can see they're of the same pose.

The Red / Green was a little easier because it allowed me to mix a pinkish color for the skin tone, as well as a very dark color / value for the clothes by mixing red and green together. I had a full range of values to work with, and easily shift from warm to cool within a mixture by adding more red or more green. The red is Cad Red Medium, and the green is Viridian.

The drawing is not as good on the second one, and the colors were more difficult, too. Mainly because with this set of colors, I couldn't get a very dark value. It meant that I had to compress the value range quite a bit and put everything in med to light range.

It does make it feel more atmospheric - one of the effects of dense atmosphere is that the values become lighter and the range more compressed.

I can't remember what the blue-violet color was, exactly. I think the yellow-orange might be Indian Yellow, but again, I'm not sure. It didn't matter enough for me to remember, I guess. After all these are just games we sometimes play in the studio.

When you go to a figure session and you're just not inspired by the pose (or whatever), this might be a good challenge to try, to get your enthusiasm going again. Try it with friends and see how similar or different your results are. I think you'll find it eye-opening!

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